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    ブラ (水曜日, 16 9月 2015 09:06)

    Last night's performance was really cool.
    New album is also cool.

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    Amy (日曜日, 09 8月 2015 15:18)

    sorry i was too embarrassed to say when i saw you but you guys were really cool!! seeing you guys play made me happy bc you looked like you were having fun (especially at the last song) and it kinda inspired me. also thank u very much for signing the cd!

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    Chris (金曜日, 03 7月 2015 04:37)

    I love you girls so much and can't wait for you to return to California (I know, it's soon!). I have a request... could you add the lyrics to Home to the lyrics page? THANKS. See you in Gualala!

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    イマガワ (土曜日, 17 1月 2015 19:01)


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    Yasunori Teshey (日曜日, 14 12月 2014 23:48)


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    Jasmine C. (日曜日, 20 7月 2014 17:49)

    Hi Akabane Vulgars~!!
    Thank you for the show in Japantown. It was really amazing. I Love your music! I really enjoyed the meet and greet. Thank you for signing my CD and taking a picture with me and my sister. You Girls are awesome. I hope to see you next year at JPop festival 2015

    こんにちは Akabane Vulgars
    日本街に来てくれてありがとうございます。 Akabane Vulgarsの音楽が好きです!meet and greet は楽しかった。CDのサインと写真をありがとうございます。素晴らしいです!!

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    Nick (木曜日, 26 6月 2014 17:16)


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    Akabane (金曜日, 30 5月 2014 23:43)

    Hey guys!! Please wright some down here when you visit this website! :)