The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass
Punk Rock Trio from Tokyo, Japan






      Kei Sofue   Yumi Uchizono  Miki Uchizono

Drums       Guitar/Vocals        Bass




フジロック(2016年前夜祭レッドマーキー)、SXSX (2012年 JAPAN NITE)、The Sunflower Festival(北アイルランド ベルファスト)
J-pop Summit Festival(サンフランシスコ)にヘッドライナーとしての出演、また3ヶ月に渡る北米ツアー、UKツアーなど



The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass were formed in Tokyo in 2005.
Bassist Miki Uchizono came up with the idea and founded the band. Soon after, she discovered the right people for their lineup: Power drummer Kei Sofue, a classmate of hers, behind the kit and sister Yumi Uchizono on lead vocals and guitar. And from there it all began.
The band conducted hundreds of shows and several recordings by 2012.
Then, 3 self-released albums were launched. They soon experienced several tours with those albums. Their earnest attitude towards their live performances caused them to be hailed by many,“THE band of live performance!” More and more, many started to recognize and respect them
for their blend of rockabilly and psychobilly vibes. Others identified them as a garage rock band. The band commented on this, saying that the most important element in their sound and spirit comes from punk as they they
have many songs with lyrics denouncing things or people denying or oppressing human rights.
In 2012, The Vulgars took to the stage at SXSW which ultimately led them to retun for a nationwide US tour. Over 2 months, they went from Southern California to NYC. Additionally, they were invited to J culture J culture J cultureconference conference conference and the J-pop Summit Festival pop Summit Festival pop Summit Festival as the headliner. The band made a recording during this tour. In 2013, they returned again to the United States with 2 full-length albums. One was “Proclamation,”
showing their straight up punk attitude, and the other was their first live-recorded album,“Live in Brooklyn. Live in Brooklyn.”
Having many shows on the road, the band met multitudes of music writers.
In doing so, they have appeared in articles, sometimes alongside the legendary power pop rock band, Shone Knife. Additionally, in one review, they were seen as the emerging new generation of bands that are renewing interest into J-Rock and its growing domestic and global impact.





”Sometimes they’re pegged as rockabilly, but they don’t employ an upright bass. And while guttural vocals and heavy guitar might make one assume they’re a hard-rock group, swinging melodies belie that descriptor.”

“American pop of the 1980’s featured mainly, male rockers from Gedi Lee to Prince singing in falsetto. Akabane Vulgars turned the tables and showed us feminine, female punchers emoting the devil inside.”

“This band is definitely worth seeing, if not only for the bragging rights of saying you saw them to friends five years from now.”
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